Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3.5 Hours

No, the title does not refer to me being stuck in traffic, nor is it the countdown to a fabulous vacation in Greece; it just refers to the fact that for the first time since my teenage years I read a book in one sitting!  I know, this is not exciting to you, but to me it means so much - you see, I have a collection of books to read, some I have even started, but none have I finished.  This just means that I can still get into a book and enjoy reading it so much that I can finish it in 3.5 hours!!  Hopefully it also means that I can finish all the other books I have bought.  Now for the book in question:

Laurie Perry is a blogosphere personality whom I discovered about a year ago through somebody else's blog; "We" clicked from the start, since she is very much like myself and I suspect like many others out there.  Through Laurie's blog I learned that there's a lot of us out there with the same insecurities, fears and sense of humor (I thought I was unique!).  She wrote a book about life after divorce and taking up a new hobby, how it saved her from spiraling down into hell (oh heck, she was in hell already, she just managed to get out).  I finally read an excerpt of her book last week thanks to Amazon's preview feature and knew I had to get it.  Well, it arrived yesterday and let me tell you that once I picked it up I couldn't put it down - it was just funny in true Laurie fashion.  I believe this is a keeper for me.  Thanks Laurie for sharing your life with us, and making it funny!

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