Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do You Have $10 to Spare?

Image "lifted" from Kelly's blog - I'm sure she won't mind

Not for me, no, but for a deserving family and a great cause. Let me explain, I was reading one of my favorite blogs by Kelly Rae Roberts, the author of the motivational book "Taking Flight" and she's having a contest in order to raise money to rebuild a home for a deserving family in Rwanda, Africa. The minimum donation she's asking for is $5, but why am I asking for $10 you ask? Well, in reading about this family' situation I also learned of another blog asking for donations that are used to help not one, but many people in a particular community in Africa for things that you and I take for granted in this wonderful country of ours, things like medical care, medicine, etc. I spend just about that at Starbuck's any given day, so why not put it to good use this Holiday season. I don't know you, but doing something for somebody else always makes me feel better. Don't you want to share some happiness?

Please read their stories here, and here, and have a wonderful holiday season. And remember, we can change the world one act of random kindness at a time. Do your part!

**Edited to add: It is my understanding that they raised $4,200++, thank you to all who donated. Doesn't it feel good to do something nice for somebody else? Thank you!!

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