Saturday, February 02, 2008

Very Good, but Depressing Movies

The movie makers have all conspired to depress me to the point that I don't want to leave my house. When did I become such a fatalist!

Let me explain, I finally decided to go see "I Am Legend" a few weeks ago, and the whole 'end of humanity' story left me very depressed, because let's face it, it's possible (well, maybe not the vampire part, but the rest is quite possible). So, I decided I should cheer myself up by watching a comedy and went to see "The Bucket List", which was quite funny, but just as depressing - bittersweet if you will. I was very sad after that weekend, thinking of my own mortality and all.

Ahh, but TV is not far behind - did anybody see that show telling you the 10 things that could destroy life on earth? Well, in short, if Yellowstone blows, we all go. So what's the point of going on living then!!! Where am I going to go when it happens.......they said it's due, overdue........oh well, I better go see Old Faithful before it blows so I can at least say I saw it all before it was destroyed.

And, as if that wasn't depressing enough, today I went to see "Atonement" - more death and sadness. At to make things really, really bad, I also saw "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". This last movie being the most depressing of them all, because although it was a great, excellent movie, I stopped eating my popcorn within the first two minutes because what happened to this man is one of my greatest fears. I've since been wondering, how could you prevent the doctors from keeping you alive in that I carry a note inside my pocketbook with instructions not to resuscitate me if I die? Would they find it in time? Would my family contest it? At one point in the movie the man says he wants death and the speech therapist gets upset with him, "how dare you" she tells him - my question to her would be, how dare YOU!! you're not the one trapped in a dead body with the ability to see and think, but at the mercy of those around you, how dare YOU! Easy to say when it's not happening to you! The thought of that happening to me terrifies me! And yes, there are those who would say - "But look at it this way, had the doctors not saved him, he would have never written that book" - well yes, but then he died two days after the book was published, so in truth, he never benefited from it other than to get his story out for posterity. Then I would have to ask, aren't we being selfish by wanting a man to stay alive in a vegetative state not only to make us feel better that at least he's "alive" but that he wrote a book for US to read and benefit from HIS experience. No thanks, let ME die - my body, my decision.

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