Monday, January 28, 2008

Phoenix, Arizona

After living in Phoenix for the last 2 years, I'm still surprised by it. I have not been able to get used to the way of living in Phoenix, this barren desert scape. When I hear the word forest I expect lush trees, not a couple of Saguaro cacti sprinkled through the landscape - it's still alien to me. I won't lie to you, I miss the East, the architecture, the trees, being able to go for walks in my neighbourhood without feeling like I could be assaulted at any minute, or that the neighbours are going to call the police on me because I look like I don't belong - there's no in between here in Phoenix. Don't get me wrong, Phoenix has beautiful places, and the historic districts are just amazing to behold, I really love the architecture - things you definitely would not find back East. I love driving around and "discovering" these little gems hidden in the chaos that is Phoenix. I still can't get used to the fact that you could be driving through a main street and not know that a block away to either side there lies a beautiful neighborhood of houses that's just about 10 blocks long, surrounded, of course, by ugliness. And I have proof, in pictures, to show you.

I've always liked heading home through 3rd Street because some parts of it is lined with beautiful trees and reminds me so much of home, but yesterday I happened to look to the side, as opposed to up ahead (quite dangerous if you're driving and the car is in motion at the time). I saw something interesting, and since it was daylight and I had nowhere else to be, I decided it was time to explore. Here's what I found:

Driving North on 3rd Street on a rainy day (it does rain in Phoenix, although not often). Nothing special about the neighborhood, right?

Turn right and Voila! the landscape starts changing. Beautiful palm trees line the street - big deal, you say, there were palm trees on the previous picture. But you're missing the bigger picture here! Look closely.........there are other kind of trees here, luscious trees.......and the grass actually looks like it belongs, but wait!

At this point I was dreaming I was back in New Jersey! (that would be the Garden State, for y'all). I had to resist the urge to park the car and get out for a walk because, 1.) It was raining, and 2.) I'm sure the neighbours would not appreciate it - people would not appreciate that in these parts, but more about that on another post.

And here are the houses that share this neighborhood! I really like this house, but the volleyball net up front kills it. I'm sure the neighbors don't appreciate the eyesore. But look at the details on the balcony rail, love it!This is across the street from the previous one - don't let the picture fool you, it's pretty big. That red car looks so out of place, though.

Look at this beauty!!! I want it, I want it!! Look at all that vegetation, can you believe this is Phoenix!!

Look at all this greenery!!

Wait a second......what is this house doing in Phoenix? So out of place, but so beautiful!! For a bit I can feel back home again!

Ah, but wait........the landscape is about to dramatically change. Let's say you turn left instead of right on 3rd Street.....what would you find?

How dramatic is this? And no, I'm not exaggerating, not even picking the ugliest picture......this is truly at the end of that street from the picture above it. So we cross the street to find.....

This.......not bad, huh?

Keep going.........

How is this for a rude awakening? Ahh yes, I am in Phoenix.

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Moderndayhermit said...

I love the houses in the neighborhood pictured. Have you traveled down Central Avenue between Olive and Glendale? The trees overhand the road and even in the summer it doesn't seem as though you are in Phoenix.