Sunday, February 03, 2008

Those &%^$*# Emoticons

Can I tell you how much I hate Emoticons? I hope that those heavy emoticon offenders are reading this and learning something. Why, oh why, must you insert a *&^%$ emoticon to make a point!! WHY?!! you want to know what bothers me more than emoticons? ya?! I'll tell ya, Forty (40+) year-olds USING THEM!!!! I have two friends over forty who both feel the need to insert one of those &%*#$ emoticons every other word when communicating with me via MS Messenger - *&%$!# annoying! I particularly hate that one with the rose........where did they find that?........what are they trying to tell me??? If we had been on the phone I would have hung up!!!

Emoticons are so over, so please give it a rest!!!! And you know who you are!!

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