Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm sorry if I seem frustrated, but....

Today H told me that s/he had read my blog and I seem a bit frustrated - I must admit that I've been in a bad mood lately and it's apparently reflecting on my blog; for that I apologize to all, specially to H, but I have good reasons; let see.......I'm stuck in Arizona, where segregation is alive and well, and where everything tastes like Mexican food, even at the Chinese restaurant. I'm home sick and just when I was planning to visit my family for longer than 3 days, I get sick enough to merit some tests which force me to cancel my plans and stay put. One of my doctors told me nonchalantly that I would have to get used to the "discomfort" because another surgery was not an option, since the first one was a difficult one to begin with. I'm waiting for the results on two more test, and although these took place two weeks ago, my doctor is apparently too busy to call me to discuss.........I'm glad to see that business is booming. My asthma is getting worse, I'm sure not because of the quality of the air here in lovely Phoenix......surely not because of all the construction going on, no, no......I'm sure it has to do with my lungs being underdeveloped. To top it off, I'm under a lot of stress at work and if that was not enough, today I missed the lunar eclipse because it's cloudy outside. And if that wasn't bad enough, tonight I find out that my ultimate fantasy about Gene Simmons has already been enacted........without me! At least it wasn't with Omarosa, that would have caused some serious trauma. So you tell me if the forces of the universe have not conspired against me! So H, my apologies to you, but I think I've earned the right to be in a bad mood; besides, didn't I warn you not to read my blog this month? (I know I'm going deeper into the levels of hell for this one.......what am I at? level 6.....7?

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