Sunday, December 16, 2007

Noche de Las Luminarias - Phoenix Botanical Garden

This Friday I finally made a trip to the Phoenix Botanical Garden to enjoy La Noche de Las Luminarias. It was freezing!! Super cold, but I was happy because it reminded me of the East - yes, yes, yes.....I know, only I can miss that this time of the year. Anyhoo, it was a clear and beautiful night and I thought I would practice my night photographing, since it never worked for me in the past. I think the pics came out okay, you can enjoy them all by clicking on my flickr link.

About The Luminarias:

They close the Botanical Garden and convert it in this wonderful candle light park, featuring music and food. It's very romantic and I felt kind of funny being there by myself, but it gave me the opportunity to take as many pics as possible, without interruption. They feature all kinds of musicians, from a holiday appropriate Handbell Choir - I spent about an hour listening to them, it was the closest I could come to a white Christmas here in the desert, to a Latin group called Cascabel - loved their music, it was quite enjoyable. They had many other bands I didn't get to hear, but I was enjoying the Handbell Choir, indoors....warm....all that was missing was the apple cider, the fireplace and the snow.

Loved this tree! It's just a dry branch painted white and decorated with lights, and silver leaves, quite pretty. May do one for my house to keep all year 'round! Check the rest of the through my flickr link, enjoy!!

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Joy said... beautiful! We actually TRIED to go there last Saturday but it was sold out. Crazy!