Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tea Time

On my last day in Florida, as I frantically searched for a store where I could buy typical food from the Caribbean to take home with me, I came across the most unusual place. And I say unusual because it seemed so out of place in this humid, Caribbean-like setting...........a British Marketplace. Yes people, Ft. Lauderdale has a British Marketplace full of wonderful chocolates, teas, creams.......even a tea room in the back!!! For such a thing I would consider moving into a humid, roach infested climate......for good tea and clotted cream. I, of course, had to venture in and buy stuff, mostly chocolate and cream....yes, glorious clotted cream. Let me tell you people, that for this cream I endured hell at the airport and had to go through the line twice. Yes, because I tried to take my luggage on the plane, but because it contained liquids they wouldn't let me.....unless I forgo such items. I was ready to give up the bottle of perfume and the water, but not the clotted siree, so back to the check-in counter I went, praying that my cream would make it through the next 8-hours journey back home. And it did! and here I am enjoy a piece of heaven! Oh well, what can I tell you, little things make me happy.

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