Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beware of "The Hub"

On my recent trip to Florida I asked for a window seat at check-in. I was told the only one available was on "the hub", and I, not thinking, said "okay". Well......I'm writing to warn you about "THE Hub". The hub is nothing more that the first coach seats right after what they consider first/business class - row 10. What's bad about it? It's like going from a three lane highway onto a one lane dirt road. They fit three coach seats where two big business class usually fit. The arms don't move (this usually helps when sitting down and trying to find your seatbelt) and the space between the back of the seat in from of you and your face is about 6 inches. Quite bad for a 5-hour flight, but my seat companions and I took it all in stride and spent the whole flight making fun of the situation. The dingy curtain they have separating both sections added to the hilarity of the situation. In all fairness, I have to say that on the next flight I got a few more inches to my face to back-seat ratio. Got to love AirTran, but more about that on another plenty to say.

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