Sunday, October 14, 2007

That Swamp They Call Florida

Just came back from my trip to Florida, the swamp state. I want to know why they make fun of the swamps of NJ (my home state) but give Florida a pass? As you arrive to any Florida airport the view from above shows that there's very little land, just swamps - it always brings back memories of Flight 800, accompanied with panic attacks. Florida is one big swamp, roaches and all! Very humid too.......I asked the - apparently - stupid, but - as far as I'm concerned - logical question..."sooo, how many months does this humidity last?", "Twelve" was the nonchalant, with a hint of sarcasm answer - yeah.....who in their right mind would move there? Have a couple of years in the dry heat of the desert made me forget what it was like in New Jersey during the summer? Apparently. I have to tell you, three days in Ft. Lauderdale and my much maligned Arizona was starting to look good! Yes! This trip was that bad!

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