Monday, September 24, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

Whenever you're on a diet everybody conspires against you! Cake and junk food just about everywhere! And those tv commercials, make you crave a different kind of food every, hamburger, ice cream sundaes, french fries, etc., etc., etc. But today even in the Novelas (Hispanic Soap Operas) they had delicious cakes, for crying out loud! I think is a message from God telling me that I'm not meant to diet, don't you think?

I started this 3-day diet a couple of days ago, and day two is so far the hardest; the name says, it's a 3-day diet so I can go back to eating normal soon. Yes, you're skeptical, and so am I, that's why I'm doing it. Everybody who recommended it has lost weight, so why not try it? Only bad thing is the amount of vegetables they make you eat - I haven't had these many in the past 10 or 20 years combined!! Thank God we live in the age of diversity in foods and I've been able to find vegetables that I would consider eating without gaging. I truly hate, HATE green beans, but wouldn't you know it? they make them pickled!! Yes, and they taste good, not like vegetables at all, so of course, I bought those. It was hard eating one whole cup, but I managed without getting sick. Broccoli and Cauliflower have proven a bit more difficult, I hate those just as much but thanks to Mrs. Dash butter flavor flakes - it saved the day! I know I'm breaking a couple of rules here, but I can feign ignorance......they were not specific!! One big, not quite pleasant, surprise was cottage cheese. I thought it would be sour, but it was okay. Downing a whole cup of the stuff was very trying, but I managed and survived. We'll see how much I've lost once this diet is over, and I'll let you know the results. No more vegetables!!!

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Nicole said...

I love pickled green beans, too! You should try the roasted broccoli on my site, I got so many e-mails from people who swore that they always hated broccoli before they tried that recipe ;-)