Wednesday, September 26, 2007

God Must Be a Man....

.....because if God were a woman she would not give men faster metabolism. How is it possible that men and women share the same diet and the men lose 10+ lbs while women only lose 2 or 3? Have you seen "The Biggest Loser"? Week after week, all men lose 10+ lbs while the women lose 2, 3 at the most......pathetic!

I did this 3-day diet that promised I would lose 10 lbs, and only lost 2.5, while my male friend lost 14!!! Come on!!! Okay, so some of you will say that 2.5 lbs is a sensible weight loss for 3 days of dieting, but I wasn't looking for the sensible diet.....I was looking for the miracle diet! I want to clap my hands and be skinny again, like magic! And to think that for 2.5 lbs I ate more vegetables in three days than I have in the last 20 year!! If I see another beet I'll gag! Who can eat two cups, TWO CUPS of beets!!! And no, I still don't like broccoli, nor cauliflower......the Devil invented those two vegetables!! They stink and taste funny! The only way they taste good is if they're fried and eaten with marinara sauce - anything that's fried tastes better (now we know why I need to diet). Nicole from Pinch My Salt tells me that if I try her broccoli recipe I would learn to love them, and I have to admit it looks good.....but did you notice that they are what I call "oven fried"? with all that oil? Ha!! Like I said, anything fried tastes better!

That said.....I will do the diet again next week, because after all, I do understand that 2.5 lbs is not bad and they add up. Before long I'll be skinny again!! And who knows, I may develop a taste for those two nasty vegetables.........nah! I give myself another week before I try coming up with alternatives for beets. Can't someone come up with an all cake diet?

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