Tuesday, August 14, 2007

El Cantante

I went to see "El Cantante" over the weekend with a friend, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. I wasn't planning on seeing it, but when my friend called late Sunday afternoon, I was in the mood to get out of the apartment, so I said yes and I'm glad I did. I'm not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, and was not a fan of Marc Anthony after he divorced his wife - whom he had married twice (some girls love punishment) - in order to marry Jennifer. I was totally disgusted with both of them, but heck, the critics said they had chemistry on-screen and I wanted to see if it was true....especially after Jennifer's couple of fiascoes with Ben Affleck. Well, the movie was good, I really enjoyed it and even forgot that it was Marc Anthony I was watching on the screen. The music brought back memories from my childhood and made me proud to be Hispanic and be able to dance to the beat. I even learned a couple of things about salsa that I didn't know before. That said, I was a bit dissapointed on the fact that they focused too much on Lavoe's drug addiction and not enough on the music, which was sad considering that Lavoe was a salsa music pioneer. They also didn't do a good job translating the Spanish parts, which I don't have a problem with - the perks of being bilingual - but an English speaking person would be lost. This movie caters to Hispanics, and Hispanics only - mostly those from the Caribbean and salsa buffs. All in all, I truly enjoyed this movie, might even buy it when it comes out on video. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have somewhat redeemed themselves in my eyes.....somewhat.

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