Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rainbow Bridge - the shot that almost killed me.

People, I almost died getting to this place just to take this picture! Next time I'll simply buy the postcard! That said, Lake Powell is the best vacation spot so far! You get to see nature art at its best, and get to swim in a lake without worrying about sharks getting you from below. Highly recommended, and if you can afford it, rent a boat house. Do skip the trip to Rainbow Bridge, unless you're doing it late in the afternoon when it's not that hot; definitely avoid doing it at noontime like I did.
About the Trip:
You take a four our tour through the lake, wonderful scenery, refreshingly cool "ocean" breeze - very deceiving, since it was over 100 degrees. Once you get to the destination is when they decide to inform you that in order to get to Rainbow Bridge you have to hike 1.5 miles - then they challenge you by telling you that a 93 year old woman did it before you, so of course, you have to try it. Well, half way through I was sure that 93 yo woman was dead and buried somewhere in this canyon! Man was it hot! They tell me I looked like a tomato, for real, and then I get there, take this picture and........????......that's it!? Should have stayed on the boat and bought the postcard! Frankly, the natives are missing a great opportunity for income here. I say they put misters throughout the path to the bridge, with a couple of parasol and water stands - I would have paid $20 for a bottle of water!! Dude, it was hot!! And not even a tan for my troubles, I'm just as pale as ever, except for my arms which did get burn a little. Hope you enjoy this pictures that almost killed me.

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