Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not even Africa hot

The weather for today says "112 degrees, mostly sunny" - what do they mean mostly sunny? It's 112 degrees!! I need them to be more specific, is it one lone cloud that's going to grace us with it's shadow? How big is it, and at what specific time of the day will it go by my house so I can go out and see this miracle. They must be kidding me, and on Wednesday it's going to be 117 degrees (click on picture to see larger version).....I don't remember last Summer being this hot, but they tell me that I may have blocked it out....a traumatic experience indeed. New Jersey's humidity is not looking so bad right now.

The other day I was coming out of the movie theater and happened to look down and see a penny embeded into the asphalt. I remember thinking that it must be really hot for the asphalt to melt and that penny to get there. Well, really, it's hot in here. How do people live in such conditions? When it gets this hot you really don't want to leave your house; the heat comes at you from both the top, via de sun, and the bottom, via de hot feel like you're getting an instant tan. God forbid you leave any kind of aerosol can in your car, because the heat will turn it into a projectile. Whose idea was it to build this city in the middle of this oven? I know, they were copying Vegas, but Vegas doesn't feel this hot. Heck, my African friends tell me that it's not this hot in their country, and I believe them! Anyway, just thought I'd mention it because I have to head out and am not looking forward to it. No wonder the roaches here have that "crispy" look to them......they're toasted!

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