Sunday, October 08, 2006

Windows Media Player for the boring office

I'm in the mood for sharing today! I've always known about Windows Media Player, but it became a necessity in my office and now I cannot work without it. I always needed music to concentrate on what I'm doing and properly ignore the outside noise (I'm on the 15th floor and still can hear the construction going on the streets below me, very distracting sometimes). I also have issues working in total silence, and since there's not that many people on my floor it get's eerily quiet sometimes........unerving. So I "re-discovered" Windows Media Player - the radio function. With it I have a world of possibilities through my computer! My favorite stations are: - easy stream (Sharinne, I know you'll love this one!)

And many others that I cannot think of for whatever reason. But it's a great thing to have! Now.......if only they would do TV online and I could see my Novelas and favorite shows......

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