Sunday, October 22, 2006

Majestic Sedona

I took a trip to Sedona today with my good friend Sue, and wanted to share - Sedona, simply put, is majestic. We went there to see the changes of the seasons..........yes I know, I was also skeptical, after all, we're still in Arizona.........what seasons what Sue talking about? The first thing that hit me was the red mountains - the pictures simply don't do it justice! These mountains are the color of red clay, very deep and beautiful against the blue sky - Sue tells me that this is the only place you'll find them in the US. Then there's the forest (gasp!), yes, there's is a forest but more desert like - nothing like what you would expect to find in Colorado, but believe me......close, very close. And for once there was a creek and it wasn't a dry one!!! Because here in AZ every creek or river I've encountered is pretty much dry, but I was very surprised to see one in "working" condition. Anyway, this forest if full of pine trees, the creek with water in it, and who can forget the smelly skunks! A little piece of New Jersey to make me feel like home.......almost. We must have passed three skunks on this trip, mass suicide I think - must check out the alignment of the planets to find out what it means......if it's a sign of some sort. And speaking of signs! Sedona is where the "Vortex" is, so they have many psychics - well, that's the story Sue is sticking to and it sounds good to me. Next time I'm in Sedona I'll have my palm read, maybe they can explain what's up with these skunks committing mass suicide.......hmmm.


What can I say about Montezuma's castle - besides the fact that he never lived there and it was named as such under the mistaken assumption that it was built for him by the Aztec refugees who settled in this area. Good ol' Montezuma never lived here, heck, he never left Mexico, but the name stuck - it's catchy! Other than that it's a testament to human ingenuity - these "farmers" took these caves and upgraded them into these wonderful "condos", right on the face of the mountain - close to Beaver Creek (this one with water).....very smart.


And a small mention for Flagstaff - save yourself the trouble and skip Flagstaff, it doesn't live up to its reputation. After Sedona I was expecting something wondrous, and it's just another plain town - only thing is that they have more trees than Phoenix and they do get snow in the winter, other than that......nothing interesting happening here. I was truly disappointed, not worthy of wasting space on my digital camera with pictures.

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