Sunday, October 08, 2006

If you like Craigslist, you'll love this!!

I came accross this site by visiting one of the links I've posted on the side of this blog, don't remember which - probably Apartment Therapy - but I'm loving it to the point that I don't visit Craigslist anymore. Why, you ask? Well, because they list things by pictures!! Here's how it works, you go to the site and they load a bunch of thumbnails pictures of what they're selling. You click on the pictures and a pop-up screen tells you all the information. This is fantastic because you get to see at a glance all the items available and actually click on what you really want to see. Not only that, but the pop-up screen is great because it doesn't take you to a different page - I love that! Of course, if you have a old PC it could take you some time loading all those upgrade already! What are you waiting for? Technology is passing you by!

Did I mention that there's a control at the top/left of the screen that allows you to change the size of the thumbnails?

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