Sunday, October 29, 2006


It's Halloween, and I carved my first (and last) pumpkin! Yes, I personally feel it's a masterpiece, but it took a lot of work and since I didn't read the "instructions" - as usual - I didn't realize that once you carve them they'll dry up and things start falling off - but it still looks magnificent!

BEHOLD THE "PUMPKIN EATER"!! ..........They eat their young!!!

Yes, like I said, a masterpiece! It took a lot of time, some of the teeth fell off - the two big ones - but the effect I was going for is still there. I didn't win the contest at work (the sports fanatics went for the sports themed pumpkin - no much carving involved on that one, but they're fanatics!); nevertheless, I had fun.

Guess I should have spend some money on Psychiatrist as opposed to the Psychic, huh?


Next episode, Halloween costume - yes, this year I carried out my promise to dress up and actually won the contest! Go figure, I thought I would win because of the pumpkin - my masterpiece - and ended up winning because of my off-the-wall costume. More on the next installment of the Halloween saga, 2006.

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