Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow in Arizona????

Yes, as you can see, the desert covered with snow, not to mention the rain that lasted a whole day!! I woke up around 3am on Saturday morning with the sound of falling rain and had to get up because I thought I was imagining things......rain in Arizona?? The thing is, they've been telling us about possible rain for over a month but it always seem to evaporate before hitting the ground...but not this time. The rain was such that Noah himself would have felt the urge to get his Arc ready just in case! And the thing that surprised me the most was the happiness I felt, which lasted the whole day in spite of having spent 7 hours taking a mandatory "Defensive Driving" class because of getting caught speeding, but that's a story for another time, back to the rain and the snow!! After getting out of class I spent the rest of the day driving around and playing in the rain - a miracle I didn't get sick, I was so wet by the time I got home around midnight. Drove around with friends, whom to my changrin refused to go with me to see the snow - I guess nobody was sharing my joy.

South and Central Phoenix only saw heavy rain and a drop in temperature, but North Phoenix had plenty of snow. And to think that I was escaping the snow when I moved to Phoenix and here I was missing it so much aching to go see some of it and play like a little kid. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss cleaning up the driveway, and the car, and wearing heavy coats - for heaven's sake, I was wearing sandals and a hooded sweater the whole day, and would you believe that my hair stayed flat the whole time!! (only Women can relate to that) . Anyway, hope we get another snow day, but just in case I get the blues, all I need to do is drive a couple of hours to Flagstaff to go good thing about Phoenix, it seems to offer the best of both worlds!

In the interim, enjoy the pictures, I swear they're real but I didn't take them, borrowed them from the newspaper. Look at the horsies play!!!

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