Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Road Rage in Arizona

I was one of those people who used to laugh at the reports in the news of road rage, and wonder how people would get so upset over the way other people drive, enough to cause them harm. I used to laugh, until I moved to Arizona, now I'm in badly need of therapy. Never before did driving in NJ and NY make so much sense as it does now. I laugh at those who say that people in NJ don't know how to drive, they obviously have never been in Arizona - where there's not respect for the road and those doing 20 miles an hour are allowed to drive anywhere - left, right, center........no more "Left is for passing" here, no sir, there's plenty of zigzagging, myself guilty of that, and plenty of accidents - I was just commenting this morning that the news channels only report accidents; it seems to be about the only thing that happens here.......often. I intend to do something about it, once I can figure out how to contact the proper authorities and complain - I came here to relax, not to be stressed out every time I take to the road. Any suggestions?

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