Thursday, September 29, 2005

Care Packages for our Service Men and Women

As you know, our good friend George Lawton is a Navy Reservist and was recently called to active duty to serve in Kuwait until April, 2006. As I had mentioned before, I would post information for those of you interested in sending care packages to our service men and women. Following is an excerpt from an e-mail George sent me recently, containing all info you'll need. Thanks in advance for your contributions:

As I, and 450 fellow sailors prepare to serve our country, there are many organizations that also play an essential role in this process. The Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 8, which I am a member of, is just one of those organizations. For over 20 years NCHB8’s mission has remained the same – to move cargo (whether it be coffee, uniforms, weapons or equipment) during both war and peacetime. We are highly trained Sailors who provide support to military missions around the world. A few of our most recent, notable support missions include: Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle to provide security and support after the September 11th attacks.

When hearing about the work of the Navy and other organizations, many people have expressed a genuine interest in offering their help and assistance. Sending a care package is one way of contributing and I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks to everyone who would like to donate. If you wish to participate, you can send your gift to the following address:
Lawton, George
NAVELSF Forward Charlie
APO AE 09337

Your kindness and support is acknowledged and will always be appreciated.
Several donators have asked what items are most suitable to send and so for your convenience I am providing a short list of items needed by our troops in Kuwait. These are suggestions and you do not have to limit your donations to these items alone. Once again, warmest thanks for your support.

Package tuna (solid white)

Assorted Magazines
Powder Gatorade

Baby Powder
Candy / Gum

Wet ones
Crystal Light – on the go packs

Breakfast Bars
Batteries AA/AAA/9V

Mixed Nuts
Peanut Butter & Jelly (plastic bottles)

Anything snackable

Sincerely yours,
ENS George R. Lawton, USN SC

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