Thursday, January 14, 2010


Picture taken from Weehawken, NJ - Empire State Building sporting the Hanukkah colors

Just finished listening to the audiobook version of Higher, by Neal Bascomb, and truly enjoyed it. It's the story of the race to build the highest skyscrapers in NY - The Chrysler Building, The Manhattan Company Building (guess who owns it today, it has a different name, sadly) and the Empire State Building - can you spot all three in the picture above?

The book tells the story of the architects who designed it, the people who commissioned it and the obstacles they faced throughout the construction. These buildings were done in record time - had I been around at the time, I would not have set foot in any of them because today I don't think any such structure can be built in such a short time and still be safe, and yet, they still stand and will probably still be there long after I'm gone.

I found it funny that when I started to read the book I was totally unaware of the Manhattan Company Building and actually thought the book was about the other two, but I won't say anymore, don't want to spoil it for you. Of the three I have to say that the top of the Chrysler Building is my favorite, I find it to be a masterpiece in design, but that's my opinion - I think it makes up for the overdone interior, to put it nicely. The one that has always stood up, though, is the Empire State Building and mainly because of the lights display that change depending on the occasion.

Picture taken from the Hoboken Pier, with the Empire State Building sporting Christmas colors.

As you can see, I'm obsessed with the NY skyline, as seen from the NJ side. It is so beautiful at night, and it has a calming effect from the stresses of the day - for me at least. During my holiday visit to the family I brazed the elements, climbed through fences, froze my behind trying to catch all the different light displays at the Empire State Building as possible - first pic is for Hanukkah, the one above is for Christmas, the one below is during the daytime - not as calming, and the last one is for Nascar.

The colors here are for Nascar's 4th consecutive Sprint Cup, click on the picture to admire the details closely - the colors are blue, white and yellow.

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