Tuesday, January 05, 2010

10....err.....5...no, umm.....2 Things I love About Phoenix!

LEFT ONLY LANES (Suicide Lane on 7th Street and 7th Avenue)

These are the center lanes marked by yellow lines that are used only when you want to make a turn, thus allowing you to get out of regular traffic. What's not to love? with the crazy drivers here in AZ, you risk your life every time you try to make it out of any establishment onto a busy road. As for the reversible lanes - suicide lanes - on 7th street and 7th avenue, well, I haven't used them ever since I got that speeding ticket two years ago.....heck, I avoid these roads during peak hours altogether!


Did I tell you that this whole week is going to be in the 70s? Don't hate! I love snow, and I love winter coats, hats and boots but I really, really love driving around with my windows down. Winters here are like Spring or Autumn in the East, love it!!

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