Monday, October 13, 2008

Excellent Adventure

I had no plans today other than to go out for a big breakfast and then the park, but while enjoying the fresh air and blue skies, I got the itch to drive.....take the open road.  So I got in my car and took off - first stop, Starbucks, because it was past 1 p.m. and I was kind-of sleepy.  When I was near the pie place - I forget the name - I saw a sign for Prescott.......just 51 miles away, beckoning heck, I kept going!  That's how my excellent adventure started. By 3 p.m. I was parked in Prescott and walking around the city, admiring the houses and visiting all the shops in town.

During my leisurely walk I turned the corner into these lovely and colorful houses (please forgive the pictures, I had to use my cell phone because I forgot to bring my camera along......remember? this wasn't planned):

They reminded me of houses in the Caribbean, always so colorful.  The pictured doors below, had I been in the mood to carry anything I would have bought the one on the left to use as a table top; it's a distressed blue in real life...can't appreciate it from this pic, sorry.

Then I stopped at one of the stores to buy some goodies for home and the office!

Notice something peculiar here?  For somebody like myself who's not a drinker, I do love buying items with alcohol as an ingredient:  Spirited Peaches, Tipsy Caramel Sauce and Mulling Spices that I will be using with that bottle of red wine that's been collecting dust on my shelves.

I also found these lovely items: a book made of bamboo sheets with leaves for a cover, pen and pencils made out of wood, and of course, one of my favorite things......

peanut brittle with coconut!  You should try it, yummy!

By 6 p.m. I was ready to go home, but not without stopping by the casino first and wasting $20 in the hopes of striking it rich......obviously it didn't happen.  On my way home I managed to get lost again, or as I like to say, be delayed..........I drove by a sign that said "Phoenix, 51 miles" - and I thought to myself "I'll be home in an hour"......20 minutes later I drove by another sign that said "Phoenix, 71 miles" and I did a double take.......did I miss something?  Should I turn around or keep going?  It was dark, and there was no way to turn around so I kept going.  Finally got to route 17S, at which point it was more like "Phoenix, 64 miles".  Oh well, at least I was on my way home.

But not without stopping for pie, like tradition dictates.  I cannot remember the name of the place, and God help me if I don't take the wrong exit there EVERY TIME, but I always end up there for a slice of their delicious Tennessee Lemon Pie...yum!!!  Not sharing!

More pictures later!

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