Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just for Fun...

This morning I was greeted by the following piece of news and have been laughing about it since, what a way to make your debut - talk about egg on your face:

Did she sound drunk or was that just her accent? somebody?  And based on the newscaster's reaction I guess it's safe to assume that Miss Solange will not be getting much more airtime unless, of course, she's doing something in this video.

But frankly, as if it wasn't enough that every time I turn the TV on (ahem, the new TV) I'm greeted with news of Britney and her new body, Lilo and her "girlfriend", Jennifer Aniston and her now ex-boyfriend, that attention Ho, what's his name..............somebody?  anybody? and of course, if we mention Jen, then we have to bring up Brad and Angelina and their baby factory.......and where is Suri, she's adorable, I love seeing pictures of her - Tom and Katie I can do without, but Suri is just the cutest baby of them all; and let us not forget (I wish I could) Heidi and Spencer, and Jennifer Lopez and her marathon "training" (J-lo, WHO CARES!!!).  Thank God for cable!!

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