Monday, April 14, 2008

Sun, Surf, Siesta & Fiesta in San Diego

This weekend I was busy falling in love with San Diego.  Before my trip everybody told me "bring a jacket, it's going to be very cold" so I packed a couple of heavy pants and sweaters and arrived in SD ready for my weekend and mocking all the other tourists who were wearing shorts, t-shirts and sandals.........the fools were going to freeze, or so I thought; but the joke was on me - it was 86 degrees outside and I looked like Johnny Cash all in black, sporting a turtleneck.  I kept asking everybody if the weather was going to change and get cooler which prompted a couple of "this crazy tourist from Alaska" looks, but there were also those sympathetic people who would try to humor me by telling me that it may go down to 75 degrees......ahh.....everybody is a comedian.  So I ignored everything and proceeded with my plans.  First, a two-hour boat tour of the harbor.

Beautiful downtown San Diego on a clear day.

See something familiar in this photo?  Some of you may be too young to remember this.  On the park, to the left, there's a statue of a famous magazine cover with a marine kissing an unsuspecting lady - pretty cool.

San Diego harbor is a Navy dock.  That big ship there, right next to the pristine white medical ship, is the Bob Hope; pretty big, but it needs some painting.

These guys know everything about Siesta, that's all they do all day...what a life!

And this is the bridge to Coronado Island, my next stop - right after stopping at Old Navy and purchasing some shorts and t-shirts because I was roasting.  Two years in Phoenix and I was still looking pale, two hours in San Diego and I looked like a Flamingo - even managed to burn my scalp!

Ahh, lovely Coronado Island, full of greenery,  beautiful flowers and lovely homes - when I win the lottery I'll buy a house here. 

 Of course, you can't go to Coronado Island and not stop at the Del Coronado hotel for a tour.

And then there's the beach......the main reason I came here, to see the water, to smell the salt, to feel the breeze......

......and to see the good looking boys para-surfing.  A few hours at the beach taking it all in, what a perfect ending to my day.

Next day, a trip to the San Diego Zoo - it was hotter than the day before and none of the animals wanted to come out for pictures.

Except these guys who loved to pose for the camera - I looked just as pink, especially my nose.

Marvin here knows everything about taking a Siesta.

And Leroy was just dreaming of escaping one day.......I feel you Leroy, I feel you!!  I must admit that I looked into the options for poor Leroy to escape, but there were none..........sorry old boy, I tried.

Look who's having and grand ole Fiesta!  Momo here was the only one having fun, but that's because he had a nice cool pool all to himself.  All the other animals in the Zoo were plotting against him.

Then it was time to go home - what a great way to spend a weekend, I'll be back San Diego, I'll be back.

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