Monday, April 14, 2008

The Answer To The Question

Ta Daaaaa!!  Drum roll please!  Introducing the Bialetti Mukka Cappuccino Maker!!

Oh, I'm sorry.......did I give you the impression that I was not going to get it?  By now you know me better than that, I had to!!  and what's best, I got it at half the price, can't beat that!!

And here is the first test try - I have to tweak it a bit; I followed instructions and what I ended up with was close to professional grade......unfortunately I prefer the homemade kind.  Have to make it less strong and get used to the fact that the foam will not be white.  Once I get it to taste the way I want, it will be goodbye to Starbucks.  Little things in life make me really happy!


design for mankind. said...

You, my dear, are HILARIOUS. :)

Fragmentadora de Papel said...
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