Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Big Mudanza!


(cambio) change
(traslado) move, moving
(figura de baile) figure, movement (in dance)
(inconstancia) inconstancy, fickleness

Thank God for cappuccinos, because the way things are going, that will be my sustenance for the next couple of days.

I'm moving!! No, no.....not out of state, yet.........but I'm still plotting my escape; no, just half-a mile up North, to a smaller, cozier (i.e. cheaper) apartment. Still on the third floor - don't worry, I hired movers for that part of the move. But where, oh where are my three fairy godmothers and their magic wands to make all my stuff pack itself while I sit at my computer blogging, oh where! Okay, if not fairy godmothers, how about a couple of household....err...pets, I wouldn't mind a few mice if they were going to do the packing, really. This is where having a man around would've come in handy. Note to self: find a boyfriend before next move, ideally two months before so he doesn't suspect that you're only dating him so he can help you pack. Buy beer and pizza just in case.

Well, I better go back to packing, while I wait for something magical to happen.

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