Sunday, December 30, 2007

One of these three is luckier than the others..

What do these three people have in common:

Genarlow Wilson

Wendy Whitaker

Jamie Lynn Spears

Do you give up? Two of them are not celebrities - well, maybe in their home town, and not the kind of fame they would like. Do you see a double standard here? I do - let's refresh our memories, shall we:

Genarlow Wilson: Spent two years in jail out of a 10 year sentence - the crime? Receiving oral sex from a 15 year-old when he was 17 years old himself. Here's the killer, the girl and the prosecution both agree that SHE was the one who initiated the deed, yet, because of an archaic law in Georgia he's sentenced to 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Read the whole story here. Next......

Wendy Whitaker: She is on the Sex Offender's Registry for - take a guess - Georgia, the crime? Eleven years ago, when she was 17, she engaged in oral sex with a boy then 15. She was charged with sodomy, read more here. And finally....

Jamie Lynn Spears: She engaged in teen sex with another teen, she's 16 and he's 17 - now she's pregnant and flaunting it to the world. services is not involved, the other boy is not in jail for statutory rape, and the story is being SOLD to the tabloids - somebody out there is making good money out of the fact that these kids had sex and are about to bring another kid into the world. So what's different in these stories? Well, for one JLS engaged in actual sex and there's proof of it, well, the definite proof will materialize in a few months. And of course, the other two don't have the last name SPEARS. But just in case, I heard that the baby daddy is hiding.

I'm just glad I don't have any kids, what is this world coming to!!

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