Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just Plain Nasty!!

Today I decided to start my diet to lose those extra pounds, and this product nearly ended that resolution. I had picked this up at the pharmacy over the weekend, all excited because it was lactose free and gluten free - a plus - not to mention that it was coffee flavored, which would substitute Starbucks....or so I thought. I was so excited up until the time I opened the can and the most disgusting, foul smell assaulted my nose! This was just plain nasty, and I didn't need to taste it to figure it out! IT SMELLED LIKE TUNA for heaven's sake! If you want to get people to vacate the immediate area, open one these and wait. Heck, I can still smell it - it has permanently penetrated my nostrils. The people at Slim Fast should remove this from the market, just plain nasty! Evil, I dare say!

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