Monday, August 27, 2007

Death At A Funeral

No, no........nothing like that happened to me recently, knock on wood, I'm talking about the movie! This weekend I went to see this wonderful British comedy and I highly recommend it. It was a laugh fest from beginning to end. Of course, since it's not a commercial film it will be limited to specific theaters, but if you have the opportunity to see it and are in need of some good laugh, by all means, go see it! It will not disappoint.

And while we're at it, last weekend I went to see "Goya's Ghost" and "Becoming Jane". Liked them both very much; "Becoming Jane" the typical Jane Austen film, a "chick's flick" if you will, but I was in the mood for that kind of movie - right up there with "Miss Potter". As for "Goya's Ghost", I liked it very much, surprised that Javier Bardem was the actual star of the movie and not Natalie Portman like they led us to believe with the previews, that was a happy surprise - nothing against Natalie, just a pleasant surprise, that's all.

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