Sunday, October 05, 2008

Me Time

Today I went to the park - it's pretty much the only place in Phoenix where you get to see some greenery and pretend you're somewhere other than the desert.  The weather was just perfect; the sun was out, but there was a cool breeze blowing.  Had I planned it better I would have brought a book and spend the rest of the afternoon there, but all I had was my iPod, a pen, and notecards.  Thankfully, I had downloaded a few podcasts from Michael Neill' show, You Can Have What You Want, so it was just me, Michael and my thoughts.

It was great having the park pretty much all to myself - no kids running around...screaming, no loud music, just a very quiet park, full of green trees, with a cool breeze and the open skies.  Since it was just me and my thoughts, I got to do a lot of thinking - not that it will change much.

I like this part of Arizona when the weather changes and you can actually enjoy the outdoors without freezing or frying - there's only two seasons here in AZ, Winter and Summer.  But when it's like this, you get to admire the beauty of this hostile terrain.  Wow!  I just realized that the trees are so tall and full of leaves that you can barely see the mountains!....but I digress - these are the days when I wish I had a house around these parts so that I could just sit in the backyard, maybe with a pool or fountain trickling in the background - just me and thoughts, open to the universe, shouting "I'M HERE!!  WHERE TO NOW?".

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