Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Gods Are Laughing At Me

I had to, once again, bring my "new" car for service.  The thing is actually growing on me, but I'm still not fond of it, especially if it's going to spend too much time at the shop.  So, to prevent the rental company from giving me the same thing they gave me last time, I, in what I thought was a very slick move, went ahead and reserved this:

I was actually looking forward to driving it, pushing it to its limits.........but when I got there, the very apologetic agent showed up with this:

This is a punishment from the Gods, because it's the one car I said I would drop dead before I drove.  They're laughing at me right now, but for the love of God, did it have to be white?  It's like driving an ambulance!  And the thing doesn't have tinted windows, so I cannot hide!!  I would rather be driving this:

The God's are laughing at me, definitely!

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