Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Too Cool For This......

Today I dropped this off at the dealership for some minor repairs (more about that later):

And was given this as a loaner - trust me, it looks better in this picture. The lady kept refering to it, enthusiastically, as a cross over between a minivan and an SUV.....the one I got is white, no tinted windows or rails, and boxy black seats....quite uncomfortable.

It felt more like I was driving this - the interior is sooooo boxy and stiff. I kept praying that none of my friends or co-workers would see me in it.

Frankly, I would rather drive something like this, with a little more personality.........I guess I'm just too cool for minivans.

* No offense to all people driving minivans, I just have a thing for cars.

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