Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some days you feel like Espresso, some days you feel like Cappuccino

To buy or not to buy.......I think I know the answer to that question.

I grew up in a country where coffee is an important part of your daily life - not the watery coffee they drink here in the US, but more like espresso made from a percolator like the Italians make.  During the 90s I pretty much gave up on coffee and started drinking tea, but thanks to Starbucks (I am a Starbucks junkie) and the fact that designers have come up with all these wonderful new coffee & cappuccino makers, I'm back in love with coffee.

For someone that only drinks specialty coffee - Starbucks or Cappuccinos, I own quite a few coffee makers.  Let's see.....

Machine #1:
Krups Il Caffe Bistro - cost: approximately $150 USD.  I've had it for about, uh....I don't know.....4 years?  Has been an ornament in my kitchen since I bought it, used mainly to tell the time.  Started using it about 5 months ago when my favorite percolator bit the dust and I didn't feel like using the 4-cup one for just one cup of espresso.  I haven't used the regular coffee maker side, just the espresso side; have not even bothered with the steam wand - the $1.99 IKEA frother works just fine for me, less cleaning to do.  The espresso works okay, but I get no crema.  I've been tempted to buy a Francis, Francis machine just so I can get the crema, but my consumption does not warrant such purchase.......have to learn to control my impulses (repeat).

Machine #2:
Moka Coffee Maker - Cost: approximately $25.  Trusty and simple to use.  Had two - a 2-cup and the 4/12 cup.  Left the 2-cup in the sink filled with water for two days and ruined it.  Have not used the other one because it's too much coffee for a single person - waiting to have a party so I can use it.

Machine #3:
Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Maker - Cost: approximately $65.  Had it for about 3 years and just opened it two weeks ago to inspect because I was thinking of putting it on e-bay for sale.  Decided against it because 1. the machine is hard to find now, 2. I wouldn't get any money for it, 3. it's a pump! as opposed to steam like my Krups........I cannot give that up!  The coffee is supposed to be better with a pump!

But why am I telling you this, you wonder?  Well, because I'm lusting after two other simpler machines and it's time to give one of these up - most likely Mr. Coffee (sorry, no brand name as far as I'm was a gift).

I was walking through the mall today and stopped to window shop at Crate & Barrel and they had this on their display:

The Bialetti Mukka Cappuccino Maker - Cost: Approximately $90.  It was love at first sight, but I controlled myself and didn't even enter the store - went home empty handed....had to do some  research first.  After some research I'm convinced that I must own this little piece of machinery, check out what it's capable of!

And of course, her sister:

The Bialetti Brikka Espresso Maker - Cost: approximately $50.  Yes, I know it looks like my percolator, but this one makes crema!!! (wish you could see the stars in my eyes).  Check out the video and you'll be buying one for yourself too!!

Now, here's the I don't look too greedy or crazy.  I'm sure mom could use a new percolator, so we'll send that one to her along with some jewelry (mom loves bling) and I'll be the favorite child until one of my brothers comes up with something better.  I'll keep the Krups - you never know when guests will show up and ask for watery coffee; I'm sure one day I'll get to use that side of the machine.  I'll sell the Mr. Coffee and use the proceeds towards the purchase of these two, because some days you feel like an espresso, some days you feel like a cappuccino - at least I do!  I'll also stop buying Starbucks, besides, they've been on my brown list ever since they went healthy on me and substituted regular milk for 2% milk without telling me - that's just plain wrong, so  out they go.

Little things in life make me happy.  Happy shopping!!

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