Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mac, PC and Me

I just bought an iBook - no, no.....I have not gone to the dark side....yet....just got frustrated with my laptop and decided to try something different.When I bought my laptop a little over a year ago, I was looking for two things - a 17" screen and a full keyboard, like a regular desktop. It was difficult to find, but I found it, fought for it and got it. The day I opened the box I got an inkling of what life with my new laptop was going to be like - the thing was HEAVY. But I was in love, it had a huge screen and I had a full number keypad, so I was happy. Okay, so I had to compromise and stop carrying it with me everywhere, because the thing was a back breaker - still is. I even bought a special backpack WITH wheels and handle, so I could carry the thing around more comfortably. We've lived together for over a year, but lately the relationship has soured a bit. The thing has become extremely slow - I was told that spyware can do that to your PC so I followed everybody's advice and installed software to remove it, bought an external drive and moved all my files to it, yet......the thing is still very, very slow.

My Mac user friends are no help, they keep hinting to their superiority because they don't go through these things with their superior equipment - surely made by the Gods (have you noticed how all Mac users drive Volkswagens?........but I digress). Those who know me understand my addiction to electronics (I can give up chocolate and soda, but not my gadgets) So, it didn't take me much - I decided I needed to try out a Mac and opted for an used one (heck, I wasn't about to shell out $2k for a new one, that's for sure!) so I logged onto e-bay and bought myself an iBook - I need to point out that what I paid for the used iBook would have gotten me a brand new laptop or desktop (PC).
Nevertheless, I apparently got myself a pretty good deal, for Mac standards. The new laptop came loaded with everything I need - let's compare:

PC Pros:
Lots of software
17" Screen
Full Keyboard
Easy to use
Did I mention software

PC Cons:
Susceptible to viruses and spyware
Battery heats up rather quickly and stays very hot f.o.r.e.v.e.r!

Mac Pros:
Small (half the size of my PC - I purposely bought a 12")
Light (like carrying a book, my shoes are heavier!)
Doesn't heat up as much

Mac Cons:
Not easy to learn - couldn't figure out how to connect to the internet, where are the instructions!
Where is the forward delete?
Why can't I use the control key to copy and paste?
Where are the Home and End keys?
Where are the instructions!!!
Did I mention blogging is not as easy on a Mac? It's doing stuff I didn't ask it to!

It's only been a day since I got it, so I'm still learning - my Mac friends stopped returning my calls, but that's okay......I'll find somebody else to harass. Now I have to come up with a good excuse as to why I need two laptops - for home, one for travel?

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