Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do YouR ParT!

Disclaimer - I do not believe Al Gore's nonsense about global warming, he's an alarmist, but that doesn't mean that I cannot take advantage of the trend and look good doing my part. Aren't these cute? I don't know if they are practical, specially the water bottle - looks hard to clean. The mugs leak if overturned, but who cares.....they look good!

I got one of each, under the excuse that I had to get one set for home and one for the office......I think I need one for the car too since I spend enough time in it. Didn't like the "Fern" design, but the Poppy is just beautiful and the "Do Your Part" is complaint though.........why do they make these for left handed people? Why can't the put the print on both sides? I'm right handed and already know what the message says...I bought it after all; I want everybody else to see that I'm doing my part! I spent the whole morning holding the mug on my left side just so others could appreciate it. I know, sad.........but I looked good.

Get these at Pottery Barn - don't bother trying their website, mostly sold out. Go to the stores while supplies last!

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