Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What the *&^%$?

What's up with this crazy weather? And no, I don't want anybody quoting Al Gore. I'm talking about the fact that it's been freezing here in Phoenix......ARIZONA! Yesterday and today in the morning was 35 degrees!! 35!!! I was freezing and looking for my long wool coat and gloves. The funny thing is that everybody here, including myself, is in denial! We're all running around in short jackets, or just sweats - because we're in denial, don't believe that it can be so cold here in Arizona. Yesterday morning, as I was leaving my house around 8:45am - complaining of the weather and wishing I had put on my long coat, I was somewhat relieved that I had decided instead on a short leather jacket - even though I was FREEZING - but at least I didn't look out of place, because everybody else was freezing as well, nobody was wearing a coat. Heck, the day before I was wearing a sweater with a hood and flip flops.........freezing, but at least I looked good! I fit in! I'm just hoping that the weather will warm up because I didn't move from lovely New Jersey, the Garden State, to freaking Arizona so I could freeze my butt off!

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