Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thanksgiving Trip - Part Three: Canal Street

If you've never been to Canal Street/Chinatown in NYC, you must make an effort to go! It's a lot of fun, you can get a lot of stuff that you would find in regular stores at unbelievable prices! You'll find yourself haggling over prices with merchants for things that are already half or less of what you would pay at a regular store! It was cold and I needed a scarf, and they had these beautiful ones that I've seen at stores for $25 and up, and here they were selling them for $8 and I was haggling!!! Got it for $5, and no, I don't feel bad about it!! They sell lots of counterfeit bags, and you must be careful because it's illegal and the police is all over the place doing random checks, but it's a lot of fun nevertheless. You must, must go sometime! Make sure to sample the food they sell in the umbrella carts outside, chicken kebobs and my favorites, roasted peanuts, coconuts, etc. Love it all!!

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